If you are looking for the best nursery and kindergarten school in Dubai for your little preschool kids, then please take time to read on to find out what we are all about here at Kids Cottage English Nursery & Kindergarten School.

Our Vision

At our nursery and kindergarten school in Dubai, we believe that all children are competent learners, and as such we aspire to create stimulating learning environments so that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential within a friendly, happy and safe environment.  This in turn fosters positive growth and development, confidence, independence and self-esteem in children.


Our Guiding Philosophy

We believe that every child is unique and that when nurtured, encouraged and supported, can undertake age appropriate challenges and pursue natural curiosity.


Our Mission

  • As the top nursery and kindergarten school in Dubai, our mission is to support, nurture and promote connections and collaborations between Practitioners, families and members of the community.