One of the Most Recommended Nurseries in Dubai

Kids Cottage is askcn-environment our name suggests; A cottage! The classrooms emulate a home from home feel with elements that children can identify with their own homes such as cushions, plants, framed pictures, curtains, and comfy corners. These elements as
sist the children with feeling at ease in the environments. Natural tones and resources help create a connection to nature.


  • We have 6 well-equipped classrooms that offer plenty of natural light, wooden flooring and ample space to accommodate up to 16 children per class.
  • We cater for children aged 12 months- 4+ years.
  • We have a spacious indoor multi-purpose, air-conditioned hall
  • A dedicated afternoon/ late class room
  • An Atelier studio
  • A DHA approved Clinic
  • An independent FS1 Classroom
  • Spacious outdoor play areas

Our environments are thoughtfully created in response to the children’s needs and interests. The environments also evolve to peak the children’s curiosity and to keep them engaged at all times.


All of our classrooms here at Kids Cottage English Nursery School in Dubai are beautiful, bright and spacious learning spaces. Careful consideration has been given to classroom furniture, which is child friendly and comfortable for our young preschoolers.




Class sizes at Kids Cottage English Nursery School in Dubai are small with a low adult-child ratio, which maximises individual attention.





All of our practitioners here at Kids Cottage English Nursery School are fluent English-speakers, making it as one of the best English nurseries in Dubai.




Multi-purpose Hall

Kids Cottage English Nursery School in Dubai boasts a multi-purpose hall which facilitates physical development and movement in our young pre-schoolers. These skills are closely linked with other aspects of learning and are influenced by your child’s growing confidence and enjoyment of physical play.

In the hall, children have a choice of an assortment of equipment such as balls, beanbags, hula-hoops, soft climbing shapes, activity mats, parachutes and balance beams. The practitioners set out physical developmental challenges for individual play and small groups. The hall is also used for music and movement, drama, and extra curricular activities such as Ballet and Kiddy Gym.

Outdoor Play

Our outdoor play areas have been carefully thought out to enable children to explore a range of zones within the grounds of Kids Cottage English Nursery School in Dubai. The areas are sufficiently shaded and sectioned to allow different age groups the ability to play at once. We have incorporated sensorial areas throughout as well as a trike and bike path and a large sand play area.

We have a planting area where children take turns to plant and nurture their own produce. They then take home what they have grown. This promotes a sense of knowledge and understanding of the world, and an understanding of the environment.

Looking for an English Nursery School in Dubai?

Kids Cottage English Nursery School in Dubai is part of the Kids First Group; a highly reputed provider of childcare and daycare for preschool children at nursery school level throughout Dubai

So if you are looking for an English nursery school in Dubai that is renowned for having excellent facilities, a British curriculum following the EYFS Framework and an innovative approach to learning, contact Kids Cottage English Nursery School in Dubai to find out what makes us one of the best nurseries in Dubai.