Virus’s and bacteria spread quickly in environments such as schools and nurseries and as such we have researched into ways to drastically cut down on infection in our facility.

American Green Technology introduced us to a unique, patented Health Risk Management System ( HRMS) and now we are one of the Very First facilities to install this new technology into our setting.

The HRMS uses UVC, differential pressure, filtration, purification, and dilution, to simultaneously and unobtrusively neutralize (remove 99.7%) pathogens (including bacteria, viruses and fungi) 24/7/365 at room level requiring only simple, annual maintenance. In an independent lab study, 99.7% of pathogens were removed after a 24 hour period.

HRMS eliminates Pathogens at the source to improve indoor air quality, minimize allergy triggers and reduce sickness! Keeping our children and staff as healthy as possible is a priority at Kids Cottage nursery and the health and safety of each and every child whilst in our facility, is our responsibility.

Our Health, Safety Risk Management team will be monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of the installations along with American Green Technologies to continually ensure the air your children breath at the nursery is clean and germ free.

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